We've been active in

the healthcare sector

for more than 25 years

Arion since 1994

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Arion is an international medical device company active in the healthcare sector since 1994.

We cultivate a cross-borders mentality which is reflected in the choice to build our premises on the Dutch-German border. Literally!

Our products are developed based on the inconveniences that we identify in daily healthcare activities. We know that simple, but special, products can make a major difference in each small environment.

Arion Slide Solutions help people with putting on and taking off compression stockings. Swash®, our washing without water concept, offers quality and comfortable solutions for personal hygiene.

The goal behind our products is to provide solutions for healthcare that can make life easier both for care recipients: patients, nursing home residents, individuals at home, and for caregivers: nurses or other care providers.

What inspires and motivates us is to see people simply smile when using our products.


Carry on... with Arion

Check out our video dedicated to all the caregivers who keep carrying on, no matter how difficult it gets.

We believe that together we can make a real impact in people’s lives.

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Board members

Erik Joosten

Founder & CEO

My motto is ‘irritation leads to innovation’. That is the base on which I started the company and the way I want to look at the future for Arion.

As leader of Team Tomorrow, my goal is to ensure that Arion delivers the absolute best in the markets in which we are active. We steer our business through innovative solutions, strong concept and leading brands. And all of this with a big SMILE!

Carl Joosten
Carl Joosten


I joined Arion more than 20 years ago. Since then I lead different departments like Logistics and Supply Chain.

In my current role as CFO, I initiate sustainable investments projects in production and R&D. Having in-house production and R&D lab gives us full control over the quality of our products. I am proud of the things we achieved so far and excited about the opportunities I foresee in product development.

Raoul Breaken CCO
Raoul Braeken


I became an Arioneer in 2019, when I started as Chief Commercial Officer. I am proud to be part of this company because of the quality of the solutions offered to our customers.

I believe that a successful strategy is the one that puts a smile on the faces our stakeholders. Together with the HR, Sales and Marketing team, we made this our mission.

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We are dedicated to offering innovative solutions which make the people in healthcare simply smile.


For more than 25 years we’ve been designing innovative solutions for daily irritations in healthcare. Over the years we helped hospitals and other healthcare institutions implement change. Seeing those institutions benefiting from the change is an inspiration for us to keep innovating. We are market leader in several European countries in washing without water. Our expertise in healthcare goes beyond borders.


Our core values are embodied in the simply SMILE mentality: Sustainable Makers creating Impact through Leadership and Energy. These are the drivers of our daily work and the principles on which we steer our business.












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