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Arion AboutUs Manufacturing Logistics Swash
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Research and Development

In our labs, we coordinate several R&D processes which help us to stay ahead with the latest developments in the healthcare industry, such as:

Formulation development
• Semi solid and liquid formulations such as lotions, emulsion, gel and solution
• Surfactant based systems for cleansing and disinfection
• Emulsion based systems for skin and hair care

Analytical development
• Develop testing methods to ensure the quality of the product starting from raw material until the finished   product

Ingredient and packaging screening and selection
• Characterization of nonwovens using EDANA standardized methods for linting, absorption, release and       strength
• Characterization of ingredients using sophisticated equipment, such as refrac- index, FT IR, moisture   balance, and HPLC
• Research on suitable nonwoven combinations and packaging 


We manufacture our Swash® products from two main raw materials:


is made from nonwoven.

Our gloves and wipes are made from nonwoven embossed spunlace or needle-punch, depending on the particularities of each Swash® product category.


is a blend of raw materials mixed with own produced Purified (osmosis) water.

We make our own in-house lotion formulation and blending.

Arion AboutUs Manufacturing Cleanroom Swash

Arion Manufacturing strengths

• Loading dock for easy load and unloading trucks
• Automated reverse Osmosis water production
• One wipe line with a capacity of 120 packages per minute each
• Two glove lines with a capacity of 40 packages per minute each
• Flowpackers with laser operated die-cutter and ultrasonic sealing
• Metal detection and precise weighing scales up to 0,1 gram
• Four fully automated Pecker Pick an d Place units
• Fully automated palletizing machine for stacking loaded boxes onto pallets
• Automated warehouse racking

Quality Management System

Quality and hygiene have been the key of Arion Manufacturing since the beginning of the production, in 2009. We worked continuously to increase our quality standards.

Our Quality Management System is based on the following principles:

• Clear assignment of responsibilities
• Qualified and well-trained personnel
• Transparent and documented procedures
• Controlled process

Quality Assurance
Our quality assurance is managing Quality Management System under consideration of all applicable requirements.

Quality Management Certificates
The quality management system is regularly reviewed during internal quality audits and certified by external auditors.

In this way our customers can be assured that our products are safe and of high quality.

At Arion, we look for continuous improvements, whether it is introducing new products, updating machinery or extending the capacity of the production.

Quality Control
Our quality control is doing physical, chemical and microbiological testing on raw material, intermediates, finished products, and monitoring the environment of production facilities.

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