Guy putting on Arion Dactyna

Arion Dactyna

Donning aid for medical compression gloves with open fingertips

Guy putting on Arion Dactyna

The one-of-a-kind textile application aid for compression gloves – extra smooth for the skin

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Arion Dactyna helps wearers of medical compression gloves with open fingertips and their caregivers to put them on more gently and easily. Thanks to its unique sliding properties, it reduces friction and helps the gloves slide smoothly over the fingers.

Disease patterns or disabilities with significant functional impairments of fingers, hand, wrist, or of the grip function make it otherwise without an aid almost impossible to put on compression gloves properly. Arion Dactyna may be helpful to assist in putting on compression gloves in case of:

– scar therapy due to wounds, injuries, amputations, burn wounds or scalds
– highly inflammatory or significantly degenerative joint diseases
– paralysis
– deformities
…on the hand or fingers

Instruction video:

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Instruction steps:

Donning instructions:

Sizing Arion Dactyna:

Arion Dactyna is available in three different sizes to fit different shapes and sizes of fingers.
For young children, discover our Arion Dactyna Kids.

Complementary products & tips

For an optimal user experience and to reduce the physical effort to a minimum, we recommend using the following aids in combination with the Arion Dactyna:

Anti-slip gloves like the Arion Easy-Grip Gloves ensure a better grip on your garment and prevent damages that might be caused by fingers, fingernails or jewelry. Used together with the Arion Dactyna, they thus facilitate even more the donning of your medical compression glove and enable to distribute the fabric of the garment evenly on the fingers and on the hand.

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