Women putting on Arion Easy

Arion Easy-Off

Doffing aid for medical compression stockings

Women putting on Arion Easy

Taking off compression stockings made easier!

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Arion Easy-Off offers helps take off medical compression stockings or tights smoothly and quickly, no matter if with an open or closed toe. Thanks to the product’s unique sliding properties, the compression garment can slide easily over the heel area, which is the widest part of the foot and therefore most difficult area to pass. This contributes to reducing the physical strain and daily stress associated with the doffing task. It also supports a better therapy compliance.

Arion Easy-Off is compact and lightweight. It offers an easy, safe, and simple solution to its users. It turns to be a convenient self-management aid for compression wearers themselves. But this doffing aid is also adapted to and useful for caregivers who assist them, making their work easier and enabling them to carry on this task in a more ergonomic way.

Instruction video:

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Instruction steps:

Doffing instructions:

Sizing Arion Easy-Off:

Arion Easy-Off is available in three different sizes to fit different shapes and sizes of limbs.

Complementary products & tips

For an optimal user experience and to reduce the physical effort to a minimum, we recommend to use the following aids in combination with the Arion Easy-Off:

  • Anti-slip gloves like the Arion Easy-Grip Gloves ensure a better grip on your garment and prevent damages that might be caused by fingers, fingernails or jewelry.
  • If you take off your stockings yourself independently, we recommend you to put your foot on a low chair/stool (approx. 40-45cm high) to reach your toes more easily without having to bend down too much or too often.
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