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Arion Magnide® Kids

Donning aid for medical compression stockings with a closed toe – for children

Kid with smile

Easier for caregivers and parents - extra gentle for the child’s skin

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Arion Magnide® Kids helps parents and caregivers put on medical compression stockings with a closed toe on children more easily. Without an appropriate aid, this task is a challenge for both the children and their parents or caregivers. Furthermore, it can be very painful for the little patients, especially in case of scar therapy following wounds, burn injuries or scalds.

However, in order to achieve a successful therapy, putting on a compression garment every day is absolutely necessary. Wearing compression garments inhibits the development of scars and helps prevent further scarring. In addition, the compression garment helps the scars to heal faster and better.

Arion Magnide® Kids is made of a very smooth sliding material and helps reduce the friction between the child’s skin and the compression garment. The daily recurring task of putting on the garment therefore takes less effort for the caregiver and is less stressful and painful for the little patients than without using any donning aid.

Instruction video:

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Instruction steps:

Donning instructions:

Sizing Arion Magnide® Kids:

Arion Magnide Kids is available in one size.
Should the size of Arion Magnide Kids be too small, you can try our product for adults, Arion Magnide®, available in three sizes.

Complementary products & tips

For an optimal user experience and to reduce the physical effort to a minimum, we recommend using the following aids in combination with the Arion Magnide® Kids: 

Anti-slip gloves like the Arion Easy-Grip Gloves ensure a better grip on the stocking and prevent damages that might be caused by fingers, fingernails or jewelry. Used together with the Arion Magnide® Kids, they thus facilitate even more the donning of medical compression stockings on children and enable to distribute the fabric of the garment evenly on the child’s leg.

The right aids for an easier scar therapy - for parents and caregivers
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The Arion donning aids for children have been specially developed to simplify the donning of medical compression garments such as gloves, arm sleeves, stockings or tights in case of wounds, burn injuries or scalds.

Discover our other application aids for Kids:                       
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Arion Dactyna Kids for compression gloves with open fingertips     

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