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Arion is proud owner of two brands:Arion Slide Solution and Swash® . Arion Slide Solutions help people with putting on and taking off compression stockings. Swash®, our washing without water concept, offers quality and comfortable solutions for personal hygiene.

Bathing 21®
The washing without water innovation, with far reaching consequences, was born on an American health care-exhibition in 1999. Erik Joosten, the founder,  encountered what would later become Bathing 21®: disposable wet wipes to bathe a patient without the need for additional water. These wipes drastically improve and simplify the bathing process in health care. Erik was immediately convinced this was the solution to reduce the accepted irritations of (cross-)contamination and discomfort associated with the traditional bath. And so Arion became the company to introduce this concept in Europe in 1999.


Easy, safe and simple solutions for compression therapy,
prosthetics and more.

Arion Slide Solutions offers a wide range of donning, doffing, and positioning aids designed to make life easier for both patients and their caregivers.

Erik Joosten encountered a common irritation in the healthcare environment that everyone accepted with a certain resignation: the pull and drag while donning and doffing compression stockings. Thousands of hours were lost and people unnecessarily became care dependent. In 1994, Erik Joosten introduced the solution: the ‘Easy-Slide’. A brightly coloured ‘fry cone’ made from spinnaker cloth (sailcloth) that reduces the friction of the compression stocking over the skin and along the leg. That ‘fry cone’ later earned Erik a patent.

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