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Compression therapy ​
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Our mission: To make your life easier - every day and in every situation

Arion Slide Solutions is the specialist in textile application aids for medical compression garments since 1994, date of the launch of the first donning aid for open-toe stockings, Easy-Slide.

Everyday helpers…
…for compression wearers
Our products are self-management aids to help compression wearers every day whenever they need to put on or take off different kinds of medical compression garments.

The Arion application aids have been specifically designed to be used in combination with medical compression garments of class II or higher (European standard) or of more than 20 mmHg.

This refers primarily to compression wearers diagnosed with venous and lymphatic diseases such as leg swelling, venous insufficiency, venous ulceration (ulcus cruris), varicose veins, pregnancy varicose, phlebitis, leg thrombosis, post-thrombotic syndrome, lymphedema, and lipedema.

….and their caregivers
But in case the compression wearer needs assistance, the Arion donning and doffing aids can also be used by nurses and other caregivers. The aids ensure a better ergonomic performance of the donning and doffing task on the patient, making it much easier and comfortable for them both – no matter if in a home care setting or in a healthcare institution.

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The right application aids
for many types of compression garments

Discover our wide range of application aids and accessories for medical compression leg sleeves, stockings with open and closed toe, arm stockings, and gloves with open fingertips. 

Our donning and doffing aids can be used for both round knit and flat knit compression garments. They are available in different sizes, and are even adapted for young children (see our “Kids” products).

Important information:
To be able to use the Arion application aids properly as a compression wearer without the assistance of a caregiver, you must have enough mobility in the spine to bend and reach your toes with your own hands. This is easier when you seat and put your feet on a low chair. If not, you should use another application aid (such as a metal frame, for example) or seek for assistance. However, your caregiver can use our application aids to make his task easier and safer.

Stop pulling, start sliding! 

Arion donning and doffing aids help the compression garments simply slide over legs, arms or fingers without heavy pulling and with little effort. Quick and easy! They are turning out to be real everyday helpers for compression wearers and caregivers such as nurses. 

What makes Arion application aids unique is their particularly high sliding properties thanks to a high-quality material that is specially coated. This greatly reduces friction between the compression garment and the skin when putting it on and taking it off.

In addition, most of Arion application aids have a double-layered design, which enables a very smooth transition between the compression garment and the skin. That way, the skin and the compression garments are exposed to less stress or strain. The compression garment can be therefore better distributed over legs, arms or fingers, especially if you use application gloves in combination to them.

When it comes to a stocking for the leg, Arion application aids help it slide over the heel and ankle area more easily, which is the widest part of the foot and the area where the compression property is the strongest.

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For whom and when are Arion application aids particularly helpful?

– For lipedema and lymphedema patients or in case of wide feet or legs, as different product sizes are available. The Arion SlideX extension aid is ideal in that case.
– In case of
skin sensitivity, wounds (ulcus cruris/ulcers), burn wounds or scars: using Arion donning aids help minimize the friction and pressure coming from the compression garments, and thus contributes to reducing the pain that is associated to it.
– In case of
wet skin, after taking a shower, sports, or when sweating in general: the sliding properties of Arion aids enable the compression garments to slide over the skin, which is otherwise almost impossible without using a textile application aid.
– For
caregivers such as nurses, as they help reduce their physical strain and contribute to a better ergonomic performance of their tasks.

Compression therapy made easier!

Discover the benefits of our Arion application aids at a glance:​

Icon Easy to use

Easy to Use

• Minimize friction between compression garment and skin​
• Reduce physical strain for both compression wearers and caregivers​
• Promote independence of compression wearers​

Icon Hands

Safe to Apply

• Help reduce risk of skin damage ; can be especially beneficial in​ case of high skin sensitivity or leg ulcers​
• May contribute to a longer garment lifetime by preventing​ damage from fingers, fingernails, and jewelry​
• Help maintaining the original compression longer and avoiding​ garments from overstretching and distortion

Icon Lightbulb

Simple Solutions

• For many types of compression garments: stockings, tights,​ arm sleeves, and gloves​
• Designed for different shapes and sizes of limbs​
• Support the compliance to the compression therapy

Icon Easy to use
Icon Hands
Icon Lightbulb

User feedback

“Arion application aids support caregivers in mastering the challenge of compression therapy for their patients. […] They save precious time, require little effort, and thus reduce the physical strain on the caregiver,” 

Tinie Hake, physiotherapist & ergonomic trainer in the Netherlands.

Nurse with patient

Easy on, easy off! - For a better therapy compliance

Women cheering

Did you know that Arion donning and doffing aids contribute to improving the therapy compliance of compression wearers?

– Only one third of patients with primary chronic venous disease wear their compression garments as prescribed (31,8%)*
– One of the main reasons of non-compliance is that the garments are „too difficult to put on“ (34.5% of the 889 patients)*

Our Arion application aids contribute to improving the quality of users’ lives:
As users have less difficulty putting on and taking off their medical compression garments, they become more independent. Thanks to this positive experience, compression wearers are thus more willing to put on their compression garments more regularly and thus improve their compliance to the therapy.

Furthermore, wearing compression garments more regularly even contributes to avoiding complication in the development of the venous or lymphatic diseases.

* Ayala, Alvaro & Guerra, Jose & Ulloa, Jorge & Kabnick, Lowell (2018). „Compliance with compression therapy in primary chronic venous disease: Results from a tropical country

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For stockings and tights

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For children

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