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Positioning aids

for bedridden patients

Turning and moving patients within the bed made easier

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Arion Trans-Slide® and Arion Trans-Slide® Tri-Clean®
Sliding sheets to position and reposition patients within the bed

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The Trans-Slide® Tri-Clean® and Trans-Slide® sliding sheets from Arion Slide Solutions have been specifically designed for one of the most physically demanding tasks in patient care: moving and repositioning bedridden patients within the bed.

The positioning aids Arion Trans-Slide® Tri-Clean® and Arion Trans-Slide® are lightweight but highly durable and easy to use. They can be used in a healthcare institution such as a hospital or a clinic, but are also perfectly suitable for the homecare setting. They help for nurses and other caregivers to move bedridden patients within bed boundaries more carefully in all directions – both horizontally and vertically.

Together with the double-layer construction of the sheets, their special coated materials ensure a very smooth product and a high friction reduction for the patient’s skin. This is more ergonomic and reduces physical strain for the caregiver and is more pleasant for the patient.

The Arion positioning sheets may also contribute to prevent pressure ulcers and to avoid complications. Read more about this at the end of this webpage.

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Product benefits:

Why choose for the positioning aids Arion Trans-Slide® or Trans-Slide® Tri-Clean®?

Easy, safe and simple solutions:

  • Support the ergonomic performance of the (re)positioning task
  • Reduce physical strain for both caregiver and care-receiver
  • High friction reduction

Arion Trans-Slide® Tri-Clean®

Trans Slide Bedridden Clean

Recommendation of use

– For patients with an average weight < 90kg
– For hospitals and nursing homes
– Can be used for multiple patients* (*only after adequate disinfection/cleaning!)

Product size

145 cm x 90 cm / 57″ x 35.5“

sliding properties


Care instructions

3 ways of cleaning:
– Machine wash at max. 60° C
– Dry cleaning
– Disinfection possible (with 70 % ethanol solution)

Arion Trans-Slide®

Trans Slide Bedridden

Recommendation of use

– For patients > 90kg
– For nursing homes
– Patient bound product

Product size

125 cm x 90 cm / 49” x 35.5”

sliding properties


Care instructions

– Hand wash only (max. 30°C)
– Disinfection possible (with 70% ethanol solution)

Position instruction

Important information

1) The sliding sheets Arion Trans-Slide® and Arion Trans-Slide® Tri-Clean® are NOT suitable for transferring a patient from one bed to another one! They are intended to be used to repositioning bedridden patient within the bed boundaries.  

2) After use, always remove the positioning aids Arion Trans-Slide® or Arion Trans-Slide® Tri-Clean® from underneath the patient.

Trans slide instructions

Why use positioning aids such as the Arion sliding sheets?

The positioning aids or sliding sheets Arion Trans-Slide® and Arion Trans-Slide® Tri-Clean® are used in the healthcare sector to position and reposition patients that are bedridden. With these positioning sheets, bedridden patients can be moved upwards, downwards, or sidewards, and they can also be turned over to change positions. Positioning sheets are used to perform care actions with reduced physical strain for the nurse or caregiver, and to reduce constant pressure and friction on the patient’s skin to avoid pressure ulcers. 

More ergonomic working posture for nurses and caregivers

Occupational back pain among nurses still leads to high costs for the healthcare sector so ergonomic solutions are necessary. It is well known that the majority of nurses have physical complaints regularly mainly in their back, neck, and shoulders because they are pushing, pulling, and dragging patients to move them and conduct care actions. Positioning aids in the form of sliding sheets help decrease the physical strain by contributing to a more ergonomic working posture. This helps decrease personnel dropouts resulting from physical complaints.

Pressure ulcer prevention

Patient positioning aids or sliding sheets are important in the prevention of pressure ulcers (or decubitus ulcers) as they decrease the friction on the skin during the repositioning task and help the nurse carry on this task more easily.

Pressure ulcers are injuries to the skin and its underlying tissue. This happens when prolonged pressure is applied to the same skin area and cuts off its blood supply. It is more likely to happen if a person has to stay in a bed or chair for a long period of time and on skin that covers bony areas of the body, such as the heels, ankles, hips, and tailbone. Pressure ulcers are also called ‘bedsores’ or ‘pressure sores’. Without the appropriate care, pressure ulcers can become very serious. They may cause pain or may lead to a longer stay in a hospital or healthcare institution.

Preventing complications

Thanks to positioning aids such as the sliding sheets Arion Trans-Slide
® and Arion Trans-Slide® Tri-Clean®, patients do not have to be pulled, pushed, or dragged. This prevents other complications such as bone fractures, dislocated limbs, etc.

Repositioning tasks may be perceived as more comfortable and pleasant by patients

The repositioning task may be perceived as more comfortable and pleasant by patients and by caregivers because it can be carried on more smoothly for both patients and nurses, preventing them to get hurt. In addition, while using a sliding sheet like Arion Trans-Slide
® and Arion Trans-Slide®, the patient will be touched less by the caregiver, which has benefits for all patients overall but especially for those experiencing fears (e.g. dementia patients*), spasms, or pain. Arion sliding sheets can be used by nurses and other caregivers in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and also in the home care sector.

*For dementia patients we recommend to use only the Trans-Slide® Tri-Clean®.

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