A bathing concept for the

21st century: hygienic,

comfortable and efficient

Washing without
water with Swash®,
for improved quality
in healthcare


Bathing 21® – the bathing of the 21st century – is our concept of washing without water, which eliminates some daily struggles from healthcare and prevent the evolution of others. Aging population combined with caregivers shortages create real challenges for the sustainability of the quality in healthcare. Our concept is there to offer a hygienic solution, which is more comfortable the care recipient and more convenient for the caregiver

The traditional bath
A traditional bath consists of four actions: lathering, rising, drying and applying body lotion; a method that requires a lot of time and effort from both caregivers and care recipients. Bathing bed-ridden patient or people with reduced mobility in the traditional way, with wash basin, water and soap, is an exhausting routine.

The older and more fragile skin of a care recipient can be damaged by the use of water and soap, causing skin blemishes and skin irritation.

The bathing of the 21st century
Arion’s concept of washing without water, introduced in Europe in 1999, promised to eliminate some of the traditional bathing struggles.

Swash® products, impregnated gloves and wipes with cleansing lotion, are person-bound and facilitate a more hygienic, more comfortable and easier bed bath. Swash® washing without water products helped with the standardization of bathing and make this routine a more enjoyable experience.

Bathing 21® creates value with and for its stakeholders in health care resulting in:

• a better quality of life for care recipients,
• better working conditions for caregivers,
• organisational and financial advantages for health care institutions.


The advantages of the
Bathing 21®-concept

Washing hands

Consistent care

A standardised bathing method based on the personal needs of the care recipient.

ico significant more hygienic

Significantly more hygienic

Minimal risk of cross-contamination, because of the use of person- bound products.

body washing

Positive influence on the skin

The Bathing 21®-products contain a pH-skin neutral lotion that is optimally suitable for sensitive skin.


30-50% more quality time

More time for personal attention to the care recipient because of less time spent on bathing.


More comfortable

Less physical strain for both care recipient and caregiver using the 4-in-1 bathing method.


Predictable cost per body wash.

Predictable cost per body wash.

“I cannot imagine the number of infected patients as well as infected professionals for whom we would have been responsible for if we would have been using wash bowls and water to wash the bedridden patients under the enormous healthcare pressure that we had.”

Cristina Q. R. – Nurse – Hospital Santiago, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

A hand holding a Swash® Refreshign Wipe

Body wash

Body wash

Hair care

Hair care

Incontinence care

Incontinence care



In-between care

In-between care

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