An eldery woman doing a bed bath with a washing without water glove

Is there an easy,

comfortable and hygienic

way to bath people with

reduced mobility?

Yes! Waterless washing from Swash® is what you need to try!

An eldery woman doing a bed bath with a washing without water glove

That is what a package of  Swash® has to offer. A package contains 8 bathing wipes or gloves impregnated with a skin-friendly lotion, that cleans and protects the skin without the need for rinsing or drying. 8 pieces, because our body consists of 8 body parts.

By bathing every body part with a separate bathing wipe or glove in one single step, Swash® reduces the number of unnecessary moves and the risk of cross-contamination to a minimum. The ideal body wash exists: a fresh, mild scent or perfume free; a wipe or a glove..

..with  Swash® we have it all. If you choose the bathing glove, this glove can also be used to bathe hard-to-reach places such as skin folds and toes. The wash glove is ultimately suitable for care recipients, who want to remain independent as long as possible. Because of the simple steps and the better grip, care recipients are more quickly able to bathe themselves independently and take part in the bathing process.


A subtle, fresh fragrance for everyone!

Scent is an important factor for the well-being of care recipients and caregivers. A pleasant, mild scent enhances the experience du ring the bathing process and it cre­ates an atmosphere in which care recipients perceive less stress and feel comforta­ble and relaxed. We developed our fragrances together with odor experts, especially created for Swash® products.Our aim was to create a unique experience both for the care recipient and the caregivers when they use our products. 

Throughout the development of the fragrances, special attention has been paid to safety and mildness, using allergen-free ingredients only. Swash® fragrances have been developed specifically for people with sensitive skin or perfume allergies and are dermatologically tested ‘Excellent’ by Dermatest®.

The subtle scents provide a fresh and clean feeling and are in line with what we communicate to Swash® users: simply smile!

A green leaf - the symbol of the new Swash® fragrance green

Fragrance ORANGE

Let us highlight our first unique Swash®-fragrance: ORANGE. Orange is a subtle, fresh and sunny fragrance. With a top of refreshing citrus and orange blossom … it reminds you of a lovely summer day!

Fragrance GREEN

What does a bath with the GREEN fragrance feel like? …like a revitalising, crisp dewy morning in spring. This fragrance re­minds you of the smell of green leaves, dewy grass and wood in a wide, open field. Subtle, naturally fresh and neutral. A gift from nature that makes you … Simply smile!

Our ORANGE + GREEN fragrances are hypoallergenic with no known irritants or allergens* and are dermatologically tested ‘Excellent’ by Dermatest®.

* Hypoallergenic perfume; none of the 26 perfume ingredients defined as allergenic have been added.

Evaluation of Swash®

These are the results of our 
study about the use of our Swash® products.

European results
100 Institutions / 1.500 Caregivers and care recipients

thumb up

Traditional bed-bath






Feels clean


Experiences better
skin condition


Agrees it’s more comfortable


Time saving with
Swash® compared to a traditional bed-bath



Says it’s hygienic


Agrees it’s easier


Feels less physical

say yes

...of the caregivers says yes
to Swash®!

say yes

...of the care recipients says yes
to Swash®!

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