Fragrance developer and Fragrance expert Tanja Deurloo

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Tanja Fragrance expert

Meet Tanja, scent expert and perfume designer

Drs Tanja Deurloo, nicknamed the ‘scent nerd’, has been one of our trusted partners for years.

Early 1991 Tanja earned her cum laude doctoral-degree at Utrecht University in Physical-Organic Chemistry. She combines her academic background in chemistry with almost 25 years of both technical and commercial experience within fragrances, personal care, food & beverages and chemicals. In 2007 she founded Annindriya. Years later, in an online search by Arion for a fragrance expert, Carl (our CFO + COO)  quickly came across Tanja Deurloo.

With her passion, knowledge, and professionalism she has been guiding us through the intriguing and wondrous world of fragrances ever since.

Fragrance expert Tanja Deurloo

Tanja Deurloo


the ‘scent nerd’

“The nose is our most direct sense:
it is highly emotional, intuitive and intimate, 
and it is therefore very powerful”

Tanja Deurloo –

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perfume experts and

fragrance manufacturer

By Tanja we met, during the search for the second expert partner, Essential Compositions S.L., a leader in the world of fragrance manufacturing. Their DNA appeared to be strikingly similar to ours: creating impact through constant innovation, driven by highly specialized knowledge, sustainability is one of their core values and they also build on the passion, dedication, and hard work of its founder.

In the video below you can see how our CEO & founder Erik 
and ‘scent nerd’ Tanja  visited Essential Compositions S.L. in Spain.

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