feet's sole of a person laying in bed

A quick and

effective foot bath

...with Swash® Foot Cap

feet's sole of a person laying in bed

Feet are the part of the body that support all our weight and keep us grounded. Proper foot care can help us maintain mobility and prevent discomfort. When we are young and healthy, foot care is part of our shower or bath routine. But as we get older, taking care of our own feet can be a challenging task, due to their location on the extremity of the body. In fact, many elderly people need assistance with foot care routines even when they are still very mobile. Simply because they can’t reach their feet.

“Older people experience a considerable number of foot problems;
every third older person has at least one foot problem.” *

* Challenges of foot self-care in older people: a qualitative focus-group study, Maija Miikkola, Tella Lantta,
Riitta Suhonen and Minna Stolt, published in Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, 2019

Clean, cared for and softer feet with the Swash® Foot Cap
Washing dirty feet doesn’t need to be a daunting task for anyone. Our foot care solution is designed to make you and your care recipients feel good. Enjoy clean, soft, and relaxed feet, whether you’re a nurse, caregiver, care dependent, or anyone in between. The Swash® Foot Cap is part of the Bathing 21® concept, which completes the whole body wash, from toe to hair. This is the solution every caregiver needs for a thorough foot bath which is not time consuming.


Does proper foot care require a lot more time?
A foot bath doesn’t need to be about allocating a lot more time for regular care routine. If the foot caps are put on at the beginning of a body wash, the skin of the feet can soak while the caregiver cleans the rest of the body. That’s why we say: Personal care from toe to hair!


Foot fact…

Did you know that your feet carry you an average of 185,074.56 kilometers in your lifetime? That’s like walking around the Earth over four times!

How does the Swash® Foot Cap work?
The foot cap is infused with a gentle, hypoallergenic lotion that softens the skin and the impurities from the feet. The lotion is evenly distributed in the cap so the entire skin of the feet can be properly soaked. After leaving the cap on for 10-15 minutes, the feet can be gently massaged through the cap and are ready to be dried.

nurse drying a patient' foot with a towel

It’s time to put the

feet back on the


Experience the benefits of a proper foot bath
The Swash® Foot Cap is the first step towards healthier, happier feet in hospitals, nursing homes or any homecare setting.

• Easy to use: Our product simplifies foot care routines.
• Effective cleansing: It cleans and removes the dirt.
• Caring ingredients: Helps to hydrate and soften the skin.
• Relaxing massage: Enjoy a spa-like experience in any care setting.

Healthy feet can contribute to better posture, reduced pain, and improved quality of life.


Invented by nurses… for patients and nurses

Nurses across Europe are the reason why Swash® Foot Cap exists. We heard the story of a nurse in the Czech Republic who washed a patient’s feet with a Swash® Shampoo Cap. Why would she do that? The feet of the patient were in a poor condition, with dirt that was hard to remove. The Swash® Shampoo cap turned out to be the only suitable solution that could help her provide a quick, thorough feet bath. Similar situations happened in Denmark and the Netherlands, when our Swash® Shampoo Cap was used to clean dirty feet.

When we heard about the nurses’ strug-gle to wash patient’s feet properly, we decided to do something about it. In 2023, after a fruitful collaboration with some nurses from Envida, a care organization in the Netherlands, we redesigned the shampoo cap into a product more suitable for foot care. The newly launched Swash® Foot Cap has a shape that fits better on the foot and is infused with a more suitable lotion for foot’s skin.

an elderly woman in an armchair having her hair washed with a Swash shampoo cap
feet care red

Foot Cap fact…

In the production of a Swash® Foot Cap we use only 9o ml of water. A regular footbath takes in average 3 – 4 liters of water.”

The importance of regular foot care

Washing someone’s dirty feet is not something that many caregivers enjoy. Feet are the part of the body that harvest most bacteria. Yet, proper foot care, done regularly, is crucial for maintaining cleanliness and preventing foot-related problems such as odor, infections, and fungal conditions.

Foot fact…

The feet contain 250,000 sweat glands which can pro-duce 1/2 a pint of perspiration each day.

socks - art

A 2023 study indicates that: “96% out of 301 residents suffer from xerosis cutis (abnormally dry skin). Especially the feet are affected (86%)”

* Are the existing care protocols sufficient to promote foot health and to prevent foot problems?

A simple wiping or washing of the feet of an elderly person is often not enough to soak and soften the skin.

* Prevalence and associations of xerosis cutis, incontinence-associated der-matitis, skin tears, pressure ulcers, and intertrigo in aged nursing home residents: A representative prevalence study, Völzer, B. et al., published in International Journal of Nursing Studies, 2023; 1-10.

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