hair wash with a Swash-shampoo cap on an eldery person

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Hair wash with Swash®

hair wash with a Swash-shampoo cap on an eldery person

Swash® hair care products are an inseparable component of Bathing 21®. Swash® Shampoo Cap and Swash® Hair Lotion, are especially designed to provide a hygienic, comfortable hair wash for care recipients who  need help during bathing.

Conventional hair washing might take 20 to 25 minutes, including the preparation time. In comparison, a hair wash with Swash® hair care products takes only a few minutes because they minimize the need to turn or move the body.

The lotion thoroughly cleanses the hair and has a positive effect on skin irritations.  It is also pH-skin neutral. The fact that rinsing is not needed reduces the physical burden on the care recipient and on the caregiver.

Clean hair gives the care recipient a greater sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.

… All of this in in 75% less time.


Time saving
with Swash®

Did you know that...

a Swash® hair wash takes approximately 4 to 6 minutes?

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