Production Cleanroom Class 6 certified (ISO 14644-1: 2015) successfully achieved!

At the beginning of the Corona crisis, Arion responded immediately by integrating an intense radiation unit in the cleanrooms’ air conditioning system to clean the air from potentially harmful microorganisms and viruses. 

These measures, in addition to the existing ones, helped us get the  ISO-6 for production cleanroom, including personnel and freight airlocks. 

ISO class 6 represents 10x less airborne particle concentration than ISO-7, which we had last year, and 100x less than ISO-8 (EN-ISO 14644-1:2015)! 

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© Minneboo Fotografie – Line operator working in the cleanroom
How does the ISO certification process work?

An independent engineer does the evaluation of the cleanroom by looking at several parameters like:

  • air cleanliness by particle concentration
  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • differential pressure 
  • air-flow

The Cleanroom is subject to audit on a yearly basis. In order to maintain the Class 6 certificate, Arion Manufacturing works continuously on improvements in policy and hygiene is rule no. 1 for the line operator and other colleagues working in the cleanroom. 


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