Lymphedema event in Germany

Arion Slide Solutions at a Lymphedema event in Germany


On 11 September 2021, Arion Slide Solutions participated to the “4. oberbergischer Lymphtag” event in Gummersbach, Germany.
The focus was on lymphedema and lipedema, which affect mostly women.

Arion Slide Solutions team at Lymphedema event in Germany

The health condition known as lymphedema is the result of a damage to the lymphatic system or disruption in lymphatic drainage. When lymph fluid drains into the soft tissues, this causes swelling. The most common body parts affected by this health condition are the arms and legs, but it can happen anywhere in the body.

Primary lymphedema usually runs in families. It can either begin at birth, develop in childhood, or occur later in life.

Secondary lymphedema is more common. It is often caused by the removal of lymph nodes after surgery. It can also be the result of cancer, cancer treatment, infections, severe venous disease, or injury.

Lipedema is a health condition characterized by a symmetrical, bilateral build-up of fat beneath the skin. The subcutaneous fat tissue accumulates in the lower part of the body. The body parts most affected by lipedema are the buttocks, thighs and calves, but the upper body, like the upper arms, can also be affected. Lipedema generally doesn’t affect the hand or feet.  This chronic fat distribution disorder occurs almost exclusively in women, often after hormonal changes such as puberty or pregnancy. In addition to the visible fat proliferation, there are regularly occurring noticeable complaints such as pain and increased sensitivity of the skin to pressure.

People affected by lymphedema or lipedema need to wear medical compression garments on a daily basis. In some cases, their compression garments cover their entire body. In those cases, their daily struggle putting on and off their extremely tight compression garments can be considerably reduced with the help of our Arion application aids.

Arion Slide Solutions lymphedema event 11 Sept 2021

We were happy to present and demonstrate our products, to have interesting talks with affected women, and to contribute to making their life and compression therapy easier.

More information about our product portfolio here.

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