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    Erik Joosten - CEO


"We are focused on producing simple and affordable solutions for care aids within international medical markets.  We cleverly meet the increasing demands from the healthcare market for low cost and high efficiency.  We develop, produce, and market these innovative medical solutions. These products include durable aids for putting on and taking off therapeutic compression stockings and products with which you can wash bedridden patients without water.  All of which are created to enhance ease of use and efficiency within the healthcare sector."

-Erik Joosten, Founder and CEO  


As one of the most innovative companies that operates in the international healthcare market, Arion and its developments keeps the ageing and recovering customer in mind.  By making life easier and more affordable with its Slide solution product line and Swash, Arion brings a SMILE to all its users! Arion improves lifestyles and work environments for both care recipient and care provider by creating products that ensure that adequate care is provided. Arion makes continual efforts to make convenience a central theme in healthcare and is committed in a particular way to its customers. Arion works with partners to create appropriate innovations and contributes to revolutions in healthcare solutions. Day to day inconvenience in care is the source of inspiration for Arion. We ask people about their experiences with patient care. This is how we know what people want and need. Then we offer a solution to the problem, a solution in the form of an aid. Our products offer a significant contribution to the coping capacities of the patients. Arion makes life easier for millions of patients and those professionals who oversee their healthcare.


Our mission statement: ‘To serve people with limitation(s) in functions or activities and/or their environment with surprisingly innovative products in accordance to the SMILE-concept’.

This simply means that Arion’s raison d’être is to help both patients and their care providers with innovative products that in-crease convenience and quality of life.



The philosophy at Arion is a simple one: We SMILE so that everyone can smile.  We believe there is no other more basic,  or more profound type of positive communication than the human smile.  It crosses all borders, cultures, creeds, and religions.  As a Socially responsible, Market driven, Innovative, Leading, and Energetic company, our philosophy is to do the same. 


Our vision as a young but experienced company is to improve the quality of life for all our customers so that they cannot help but smile.  We see in the 21st century a change in healthcare and life, and we believe that we can improve it for the better, both for the workers and for the patients. 


Arion is an innovative company that operates in the international healthcare market.

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