Swash customers directly save 10 litres of water per bed bath*. On top of these water savings, they contribute to 1 litre of clean drinking water in developing countries for each Swash package that they use. In other words, 10 + 1 litre of water!

The clean drinking water is made available by our partner Made Blue. Made Blue invests in drinking water projects at places where access to clean drinking water isn’t self-evident on behalf of Arion. 

Still 2,7 billion people experience a shortage of clean drinking water. Every year, 3,5 million people die because of a lack of clean water. Water is a necessity of life and therefore we and our Swash customers contribute to happiness by offering clean drinking water.

More information about Made Blue can be found here


* With the traditional bed bath, 2 wash basins of each 5 litres of water are used which become superfluous when Swash is used. In reality, even more water is saved if the water used to clean wash basins, towels and washing mitts are taken into account. 





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