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The bathing products of Swash® live up to the strict environmental requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official ecolabel for the Nordic countries designed to contribute to sustainable consumption and production. The ecolabel places stringent demands on climate and the environment but also requirements on function and quality. It examines the environmental effect of products and services during their entire life cycle. From raw ingredients till production, from transport till waste. Products with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel guarantee, that:

  • Minimal amounts of environmentally hazardous substances are contained in the products
  • Allergic substances are forbidden
  • The use of packaging materials is reduced

Swash® - a good environmental choice!

At Arion we live up to the highest requirements, both for ecological footprint and for protecting customers against chemicals. Due to having the least impact of everyday consumption on the environment, our Swash® body wash products are labelled with the Nordic Swan and are among the most environmentally friendly products.

While bathing with Swash®, you choose to make a difference:

  • You protect nature and the environment
  • You contribute to sustainable development
  • You look after the care recipients and caregivers
  • You make your health care institution ‘greener’

For more information about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, see www.nordic-ecolabel.org.

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Arion is an innovative company that operates in the international healthcare market.

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