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company is moving its Head Quarters to be located in 2 countries, since our new building has been built right on the border of the Netherlands and Germany. In this new premises we will have a fully automated production facility for Swash with 3 production lines. Because of the complexity of building right on the border of two countries the whole process took almost 4 years and it wasn’t very easy. But the result is fantastic so we give a high 5 to the whole team who made this project possible! Now we are ready for the future having the perfect fundament with this new premises, sales in 6 continents, 7 international patents, a cleanroom level 8 and 9 sales subsidiaries. Our new address is Rutherford 10 in Aachen, Germany ánd Rutherford 11 in Heerlen, the Netherlands. Because the building has to meet German as well as Dutch strictest requirements, it is so sturdy that it might even resist wind force 12. As specialist in the global market for application aids for compression stockings with 13 different TSS products we are ready to set next steps. The same counts for Swash, where we have an actual product portfolio of 14 different products and many more in the pipeline for the future. We are proud of our history so far with growth of revenue every year since we started with 15 years of ‘double digit growth’. Getting more and more international with nowadays 16 different nationalities in our team. It’s a little more than 17 years since we launched Swash in the Netherlands, a year after Carl Joosten, one of the shareholders of Arion joined, now 18 years ago. It’s fantastic to see that Swash is sold in 19 countries worldwide and TSS even in almost fourty countries. After starting in Europe at the end of the 20th. century with the introduction of the ‘washing-without-water’ concept, we are now launching the new global concept of Bathing 21. From the ‘garage’ setup 22 years ago, fort he first time in our history a building is adapted to our company instead of the other way around. A great and very important milestone, 23  years after Erik Joosten founded Arion.

Swash® is Swan labelled!

Arion has received the license of one of the most well-known ecolabels, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official ecolabel for the Nordic countries designed to contribute to sustainable consumption and production. At Arion we live up to the highest requirements, both for ecological footprint and for protecting customers against chemicals. Due to having the least impact of everyday consumption on the environment, our Swash® bathing products are labelled with the Nordic Swan and are among the most environmentally friendly products.

We are very proud that we live up to the strict environmental requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. It proves that our Swash® body wash products have the least environmental effect during their entire life cycle. From raw ingredients till production, from transport till waste.

The Nordic Swan label is one of many examples of Arion’s investments in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It meets two of the cornerstones of Arion’s CSR policy – Planet and People – which aims to increase the level of happiness of our current and future stakeholders.

Swash® - a good environmental choice!

Read more about our CSR policy or the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

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5 continents all under one roof at Arion

Thursday the 1st of September 2016 marks a special day for Arion: this is the day on which our company takes on 10 new members of staff. What makes the occasion extra special, however, is that the new colleagues come from 9 different countries on 5 different continents. For an SME active in the cross-border region of South Limburg, this is quite unique.

Almost every corner of the globe is represented. Take Raymond from Ghana, for example. One year on after a chance meeting at a Connect Limburg event with the Maastricht School of Management, Raymond is now opening an Arion office in Ghana. Likewise, Julie from Wisconsin (USA) will be launching Arion products in her home country. João from Portugal is a top-class handball player with the LIONS in Geleen and aims to develop his skills in his spare time. After gaining a master's degree from the University of Maastricht, Veronica from Argentina is now planning to stay in South Limburg. Irina from Russia fell in love and also found her home in Limburg. Each one of them has their own special story to tell, and each of their stories underscores the international outlook of the cross-border province of Limburg.

Erik Joosten, Arion Group CEO is delighted: “It's great for the company and for the Euregion too that we're putting down these international roots. It's yet another milestone in our development and I'm proud of the course we are setting. The different backgrounds and cultures we now have in house will only go towards increasing our understanding, not just as a business, but as individuals too.”

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Optimal protection

Swash has a product line with a special focus on incontinence care. In addition to cleaning and caring, the wash gloves and wipes in this product line offer preventive protection. Arion has succeeded in developing a lotion which provides optimal protection for the perineum area. As a result of incontinence skin sensitivity increases. Therefore, the balance between cleaning and protecting allows to provide the right care. This balance is created by carefully matching the ingredients.

3-in-1: cleans, cares and protects

Preservative system based on multifunctionals
The lotion contains a high-tech preservative system based on ‘multifunctionals’ which, in essence, have skin caring and moisturizing characteristics. Additionally, these multifunctional ingredients have a preservative function in order to ensure microbiological stability of the products.

Hypoallergenic - fragrance free 
Due to the prevalence of contact allergies caused by perfumes, dermatologists have ascertained that the usage of perfumes in incontinence care products is undesirable. Therefore, the Swash incontinence products are free from perfume ingredients (fragrance free). Despite the absence of perfume the lotion has a pleasant, mild scent.

The main components of the lotion in Swash’s incontinence products are water and oil. The oil – 3% dimethicone - increases viscosity and leaves a protective barrier on the skin. This barrier is not water-soluble and will not be washed away by urine. Swash incontinence products provide improved skin protection against damage caused by urine and stool; regulate the moisture balance; and hydrate the skin for a longer period of time.

Environmentally friendly – TENCEL®
The Swash products are made of, among other things, TENCEL®. This is a wood fiber characterized by its purity, softness and absorption capacity. TENCEL’s innovative production process is very environmentally friendly. Due to the recycling of both energy and water environmental pollution is reduced to a minimum.


NEW: Magnide® Kids

June 1st 2016 Team TSS is introducing the latest innovation within its Slide Solution range: the "Magnide® Kids'. This is an application tool for putting on closed toe compression stockings specifically for children with a shoe size ≤36.

Child friendly
Putting on compression stockings is for both little patients and healthcare providers or parents a daily recurring and often painful operation. The Magnide® Kids is specifically designed for children to facilitate putting on closed toe compression stockings.

Kids range
The Magnide® Kids belongs together with the product Easy-Slide Kids to a small range of application aids specifically designed for children. The Easy-Slide Kids is the solution for putting on open toe compression stockings for leg and arm sleeves at children aged 0-6 years.

With some imagination the shape and colour of the Magnide® Kids have a resemblance to a platypus. Arion has therefore developed a platypus as cartoon character and children's friend named Ko. Platypus Ko is partly reflected in a small comic strip that explains to young patients that they can attract the compression stocking easier. Together with his friend Nina the crocodile (the character for the Easy-Slide Kids) they represent the group of friends to help little children to put on their compression stockings.

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