April 8th, 2015                                               

Official Press release

Governor and Prime Minister sign

Declaration of Optimism

Wednesday, April 8th – We are proud to announce that today Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of Holland, took the time to visit Arion's headquarters in Geleen, the Netherlands in a casual visit that lasted over an hour. First, he spoke with CEO Erik Joosten and CFO Carl Joosten about development in the healthcare market and the importance of innovation.

After this informal meeting, he went into the production facility and was very impressed. He praised Arion for having set up such an impressive production facility from scratch. After this, he shortly discussed with the management board of Arion about its new production facility to be relocated on the border of Holland and Germany.

Finally, the Prime Minister, Governor Bovens and Erik Joosten signed the Declaration of Optimism to show that optimism is at the core of growth, innovation, collaboration and crossing borders.

Just before leaving the Prime Minister received a standing ovation by the Arion team and for just a moment, the younger generation stepped onto the bus of the Prime Minister.

Below is a short glimpse of the visit.  


Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the Swash production facility of Arion.


Prime Minister Mark Rutte with the team of Arioniers.

The next generation steps onto the bus of the Prime Minister.

About Arion

Arion is an innovative company, which has been active in the market of healthcare aids in over 40 countries worldwide for 20 years. The international company has offices in the Netherlands, the US, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain and will soon be opening more offices in Europe. The company, founded in 1994 by Erik Joosten from Maastricht, Netherlands responds to the increasing aging in the healthcare sector. It has developed innovative healthcare products such as aids for putting on and pulling off compression stockings and products with which one can wash patients without water (Swash). In 2009, management decided to focus only on its own products and to say goodbye to all external commercial products. Arion is already market leader in the Netherlands, Spain and Denmark with SWASH and on its way to conquer Germany and Belgium. The market for washing-without-water in both the Netherlands and Europe has enormous growth potential.

Erik Joosten, founder Arion: “Today is a great day and a fantastic recognition of all the steps Arion has taken and is going to take in the future. The Prime Minister was sincerely interested and this proves that Arion leads in innovation and internationalization: Proof that the Province of Limburg has a lot to offer as the Prime Minister clearly indicated.”

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Arion is an innovative company that operates in the international healthcare market.

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