Swash® fragrance - GREEN

New Swash® fragrance: GREEN!

Fragrance plays an important role during the bed bath and has a big influence on perception, behaviour and mood.
A pleasant, mild fragrance increases the experience during a bed bath and creates an atmosphere where care recipients experience less stress and feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Because of its importance, we developed a second fragrance fully in line with the Swash® identity: fragrance GREEN!

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Lymphedema event in Germany

Arion Slide Solutions at a Lymphedema event in Germany   On 11 September 2021, Arion Slide Solutions participated to the “4. oberbergischer Lymphtag” event in Gummersbach,

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PRESS RELEASE Arion Group launches its newly redesigned website   HEERLEN, December 3, 2020 – Arion Group, a local medical device company, is proud to announce the

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Swash® production video tour

Check out our new video which takes you in a virtual tour at Arion Headquarters.  It is a chance to have a glimpse into our office, production, logistics

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