New product: Swash® Cleansing Wipes

Our new product Swash® Cleansing Wipes is ready to make some customers simply smile.  

What is special about the Swash® Cleansing Wipes? 

  • Are a more affordable product for a first cleaning after an incontinence episode, before using Swash® Perineum or Swash® Perineum+.  
  • Ingredients: Glycerine and Jojoba. The combination of these two ingredients has been proven by research* to be beneficial for skin hydration.  
  •  Bigger package, 48 wipes, which can be used within 1 month after opening.
  •  New hypoallergenic fragrance with a cool, fresh smell, resulted from combining aloe vera and cucumber.  
  • Larger wipe cloth (30 x 20 cm) practical for a thorough cleansing. 
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