‘Verzorgend Wassen’ with Swash® bathing for homecare is nominated for the Zinnige Zorg Award 2021

‘Verzorgend Wassen’, a regional cooperation between Arion & MeanderGroep is now nominated for Zinnige Zorg Award 2021 for efficiency and quality of care in homecare


At Arion, we call ít washing without water – the Bathing of the 21st century -. Our partner, Meander Group, refers to it as the ‘Verzorgend Wassen’.  Regardless of the name, the impact is the same: thousands of caregivers and care recipients benefit from an easier bathing routine with pre-moisten wipes and gloves every day.

This new way of bathing is more pleasant for the client and the caregiver for three main reasons.

  1. First, thanks to a special lotion with cleansing and caring ingredients, preparation for bathing is very easy, requires just warming up the package; If the care recipient prefers a warm bath. With Bathing 21®, there is no need for washing basing, water, soap, towels, and other skincare ingredients.
  2.  Secondly, the bathing process is less physically straining because of fewer body turns. Therefore, this leaves the client with more energy for the rest of the day and takes less physical effort from the caregiver.
  3. Another benefit of the concept is time efficiency, which gives the caregiver and the care recipient more time for interaction

Learn more about the Verzorgend Wassen project in homecare in the video below.

Based on these benefits,  Meander’s implementation of “Verzorgend Wassen” in homecare is nominated for the Zinnige Zorg Award 2021.

How can you show your support?

You can help our partner Meander win this award by voting for Verzorgend Wassen before 30 May via: vgz.nl/verzorgend-wassen

Your vote is a token of appreciation for our work, and it means a lot to us.

On 1 June, an expert jury (representing healthcare, customers, and VGZ) will assess the five initiatives with the most votes and choose the final winner.

What is the Zinnige Zorg Award?

The Zinnige Zorg Award  – the Sensible Care Award – is an annual award granted by the insurance company VGZ for initiatives that make healthcare in the Netherlands simpler, smarter, and more customer-friendly. VGZ is looking for innovations that make this possible in collaboration with care providers. In this way, we are working together on future-proof care.

Zinnige zorg award Meander


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