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Our mission

We strive to continuously improve the level of happiness of our stakeholders, today and tomorrow.

How do we do that?

Through our PRODUCTS, through our PARTNERSHIPS and by contributing to UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.

Swash® is 74% less
harmfull for the environ-
ment than the traditional
bed bath

Through our PRODUCTS

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Swash® examines the footprint of Swash® on the environment, compared to a traditional bed bath with water and soap. The research was conducted by an independent institute, The LCA Centre, and it takes into account everything along the complete lifecycle. 

It shows that Swash® has an impact on patient’s hygiene and comfort with a re- latively small ecological footprint.

Our first product, the Easy-Slide, and all other Slide Solution products that followed, have a positive impact on the flexibility and freedom of people wearing compression garments.


Clean water is a life necessity that many people still lack access to. Made Blue invests in drinking water projects in developing countries, such as Ethiopia. Through our partnership with Made Blue, we guarantee that clean drinking water is made available for every Swash® package that we sell.

And that is not all. Based on the results of the Life Cycle Assessment of Swash®, we know how much water is saved per bed bath if Swash® is used. Swash® saved many liters of water and every liter makes impact:

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Good health and well-being

Good health and well-being are the reasons why Arion exists. Our Arion Slide Solutions and Swash® products have a positive impact on health and well- being.


Clean water and sanitation

One bed bath with Swash® saves 250L of water compared to the traditional bed bath over the complete lifecycle.

Through our partnership with Made Blue, we ensure access to clean drinking water for communities that previously didn’t have access to it.

SDG 12

Responsible production and consumption

The total ecological impact of Swash® is 74% lower compared to the bed bath with water and soap (according to the LCA).


How do we measure our sustainable impact?

We monitor our current and future impact in a CSR management system that meets the requirements of level 4 of the Performance Ladder standard (based on ISO 26000). This means that we outperform the general attainable CSR performance level in our industry.

Arion’s sustainable impact in the future

We continuously look for ways to increase our positive impact on our stakeholders and the environment. Therefore, we also closely follow sustainable developments such as the Circular Economy.

We aim to minimize the use of virgin plastics and reduce the plastic waste for all of our products.

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