Optimal protection

Swash has a product line with a special focus on incontinence care. In addition to cleaning and caring, the wash gloves and wipes in this product line offer preventive protection. Arion has succeeded in developing a lotion which provides optimal protection for the perineum area. As a result of incontinence skin sensitivity increases. Therefore, the balance between cleaning and protecting allows to provide the right care. This balance is created by carefully matching the ingredients.

3-in-1: cleans, cares and protects

Preservative system based on multifunctionals
The lotion contains a high-tech preservative system based on ‘multifunctionals’ which, in essence, have skin caring and moisturizing characteristics. Additionally, these multifunctional ingredients have a preservative function in order to ensure microbiological stability of the products.

Hypoallergenic - fragrance free 
Due to the prevalence of contact allergies caused by perfumes, dermatologists have ascertained that the usage of perfumes in incontinence care products is undesirable. Therefore, the Swash incontinence products are free from perfume ingredients (fragrance free). Despite the absence of perfume the lotion has a pleasant, mild scent.

The main components of the lotion in Swash’s incontinence products are water and oil. The oil – 3% dimethicone - increases viscosity and leaves a protective barrier on the skin. This barrier is not water-soluble and will not be washed away by urine. Swash incontinence products provide improved skin protection against damage caused by urine and stool; regulate the moisture balance; and hydrate the skin for a longer period of time.

Environmentally friendly – TENCEL®
The Swash products are made of, among other things, TENCEL®. This is a wood fiber characterized by its purity, softness and absorption capacity. TENCEL’s innovative production process is very environmentally friendly. Due to the recycling of both energy and water environmental pollution is reduced to a minimum.



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