New Swash® fragrance: GREEN!

Fragrance plays an important role during the bed bath and has a big influence on perception, behaviour and mood. A pleasant, mild fragrance increases the experience during a bed bath and creates an atmosphere where care recipients experience less stress and feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

Because of its importance, we developed a second fragrance fully in line with the Swash® identity: fragrance GREEN!

What does a bath with the new fragrance GREEN feel like?


…like a revitalizing, crisp dewy morning in spring.

This fragrance reminds you of the smell of green leaves, dewy grass and wood in a wide, open field. Subtle, naturally fresh and neutral. A gift from nature that makes you….Simply Smile!

Fragrance green is hypoallergenic with no known irritants or allergens*.

Discover here the story behind the new Green fragrance!

With Swash ® you have a choice now!

Swash Fragrance-GREEN

*None of the 26 fragrance ingredients that have been identified as allergens have been added.

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