historic hospital

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historic hospital

In 1994, Erik Joosten, a young, enthusiastic graduate makes his career purpose to improve the healthcare system with simple, innovative products. He strongly believes that there is a solution for each irritation encountered in daily healthcare activities.

With more than 25 years of expertise in compression stocking donning aid industry, Arion is now a global player.

After years of perseverance on introducing the new personal hygiene concept of washing without water, Arion’s brand Swash®, became market leader in several European countries. 


Our timeline

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Erik Joosten leaves his job at a consultancy company in healthcare to start his own entrepreneurial adventure. He buys the patent and the intellectual property rights of Easy-Slide, the product he created during his time at the consultancy company.

First entrepreneurial steps - Arion's registration

On the 1st of March 1994 Erik registers Arion at the Dutch Commercial Register.

First international expansion

Arion opens its first subsidiary abroad, in Atlanta, Georgia USA. That marked the international ambition of the company. After that, more subsidiaries were opened around Europe.
Swash Gloves


Swash® - the launch of a new personal hygiene concept in healthcare.
Office Geleen 1994

First real office

After years of "garage" type of business, Arion moves its headquarters, office and production to Geleen, in a big building.
International Recognition

Arion's International recognition

Dutch and International business communities start to acknowledge the rapid growth of the young Arion company and rewards its effort with several important nominations.
  • Nominated for Deloitte Fast 50
  • Nominated for Deloitte Fast 500 (EU)
  • Winner ABN AMRO Export Award 2005

Skylla, the manufacturer of Easy-Slide products, is founded as a joint-venture between Arion and Maco.

Over the years Skylla grows and expands its activity in Tunisia and Macedonia. In 2020 Skylla becomes an independent company.

Opening of Arion
Manufacturing B.V.

Major change of Arion strategy. The company stops its distributor activities and starts focusing on business owner- ship, by getting its own production facilities, cleanroom and laboratory, in Geleen, the Netherlands.

In a later phase Arion takes the full control over Swash® production by installing its own lotion blending facilities.
Arion Website AboutUs History 2011 Magnide


Arion launches its 5th patented product, Magnide®, a donning aid for medical compression stockings and tights with a closed toe.

First CSR initiatives

We started implementing various CSR actvities, leading later on to the achievement of CSR performance ladder 4. This makes Arion a frontrunner in its sector.

One year later Arion makes a partnership with Made Blue: for each Swash® package sold, Arion ensures 1l of clean drinking water for communities without access to it.
Fresh and clean

Swash® fragrance

First hypoallergenic fragrance created
exclusively for Swash®.

Birth of the
Bathing 21® concept

The proven success of more than 17 years of experience in healthcare makes it clear that washing without water is the bathing of the century. Arion integrates its personal hygiene solutions under the Bathing 21® concept.
border office

Moving on the border

Arion moves to a new building at Avantis Business
Park, located exactly on the Dutch-
German border.
Incontinence care Trixotric formula with hyaluronic acid for faster skin recovery.

Swash® Perineum+ Patent

Swash® team starts the development of a new product, Swash® Perineum+, which will lead to the registration of the second Swash® patent 1 year later.
25Years Arion

Arion’s 25th anniversary

Arion celebrates a major milestone:
A quarter of a century!
Arion Website AboutUs History 2020 Boardmembers

Managing board expanded to 3 members

Arion starts 2020 with 3 board members: Erik Joosten as CEO, Carl Joosten as CFO and Raoul Braeken, as CCO.
The trio is committed to lead Arion to further expansion and growth.
Arion Website AboutUs History 2022 GreenFragrance

Swash® GREEN fragrance

We launched our second hypoallergenic fragrance created
exclusively for Swash®.
Arion Website AboutUs History 2023 Cocune

The acquisition of the Cocune brand

Arion Manufacturing buys the Cocune brand from Stöpler.

Foot care: A new Swash product category

With the launch of the Swash® Foot Cap, we extend our portfolio to personal care from toe to hair. Proper foot care is crucial for overall wellbeing.
30 years easy slide

30 years Arion Easy-Slide

Invented 30 years ago, Arion Easy-Slide still helps millions of people around the world…let’s Easy Slide!

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