Nurse with Patient

Arion Easy-Grip Gloves

Non-slip gloves to help put on and take off compression garments

Nurse with Patient

The additional accessories to put on and take off medical compression garments easily and safely, as a complement to the Arion textile application aids.

The Arion Easy-Grip Gloves have an anti-slip coating on the palm and help you put on and take off compression garments of all kinds (stockings, tights, arm sleeves and gloves) over foot, leg, arm, and fingers by providing an optimal grip on the fabric of your garments.


  • Less physical strain needed: no need to pull at your compression garments anymore;
  • Compression property of the garment preserved longer: fabric protected from damages caused by jewelry or fingernails, or by overstretching it.

The Arion anti-slip gloves contain latex.

Sizing Arion Easy-Grip Gloves:

Arion Easy-Grip Gloves are available in four different sizes.

sizing illustration TSS
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